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Video:What Happens After You Drop Clothes Off at the Dry Cleaner?

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Dry cleaning is a complex process performed by skilled professionals. This video will give you a glimpse inside the the inner workings of dry cleaning.See Transcript

Transcript:What Happens After You Drop Clothes Off at the Dry Cleaner?

Hi, I'm Aline Gadue Stirling from Gadue's Dry Cleaning in Burlington, Vermont, for About.com. Today I'm going to show you what happens when you drop your clothes off at the dry cleaners. 

Identifying Stains

The first step in the process happens at the counter. There, we learn about the garment from you: is this a special item of clothing to you? Is there a stain we need to remove? Did you try to remove the stain yourself? 

During the next step, we inspect the garment carefully. We identify any stains for pretreating and make note of any small repairs. We also enter your garment into our computer system, recording any special requests, and we tag your garment with paper tags or barcodes. 

Treating Stains Before Dry Cleaning

Treating for stains is the next step. Professional dry cleaners have an arsenal of stain removal techniques at our disposal. So whether you have a blood stain, grease stain or red wine stain, your dry cleaner knows the best way to restore your garment.

Dry Cleaning Your Clothes

After sorting your clothing according to color or type, they're prepped for dry cleaning. Dry cleaning isn't really dry. Garments are loaded into specialized machines and are cleaned with a solvent and detergent. This water-free process continues with a second clean solvent bath, and then the clothes are dried, all in the same machine. Garments come out looking and feeling like new and the machine purifies and recycles all of the solvent. 

Following their cleaning, we inspect every garment again for stains. Really tough stains may require several cleaning attempts.

Pressing the Cleaned Garments

After dry cleaning, we send many garments through a steam tunnel to prepare them for pressing. The steam relaxes the fibers and makes pressing more effective. Then we press your garment by hand for a nice, wrinkle-free finish. After pressing, we inspect the garment one last time. 

Bringing Clothing Back Together for Pickup

The final step is the assembly. Most people bring us more than one item, and those items are often cleaned in different ways. They need to be brought back together and we do this using the barcode we applied right in the beginning. Once we've assembled your order, we bag it for you and it's all set to be picked up! 

Whether you choose your dry cleaner based on their personalized service, their use of environmentally-friendly solvents, or their specialty cleaning options, professional cleaners are a smart choice for providing the best care for your clothes. 

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