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Video:What Happens After You Drop Clothes Off at the Dry Cleaner?

with John Mahdessian

Ever wonder what happens after you drop your favorite silk blouse off at the cleaner? And what exactly is dry cleaning, anyway? Follow an outfit through the dry cleaning process and see how the pros take care of your clothes.See Transcript

Transcript:What Happens After You Drop Clothes Off at the Dry Cleaner?

Hello, my name is John Mahdessian. I am president of Madame Paulette Custom Couture Cleaners. For, today I am going to show you the trip your clothes take once you drop them off at the cleaners.

History of Dry Cleaning

The history of dry cleaning sates back to the mid nineteenth century, where somebody actually spilled kerosene which is a solvent base – that's non water based solvent - onto a table cloth and subsequently the area that the kerosene spilled was actually cleaner than the rest of the tablecloth.

Step 1: Dry Cleaning Check In

We are in the marking room. This is where all the garments come. Each and every piece is re-examined to protect and preserve the integrity of the garment. Right now Michael is putting a bar code tracking system that we have, so everywhere and every step and every process that we do throughout the whole cleaning process well be able to track. We'll also know when it was finally completed as order and is going to be sent back to the client.

Step 2: Spotting the Stain

After JR received the two-piece red women's outfit for conventional dry cleaning, he scans it, prior to spotting it, and then he proceeds to put a dry side POG which is a paint, oil, grease remover – a spotting agent – which works effectively on makeup stains. And this disperses evenly and safely in the dry cleaning process.

Step 3: Dry Cleaning the Garments

These two pieces went to Alex in the dry cleaning department where he, as you see, he is putting them in net bags prior to cleaning them. The reason for this is that he is protecting the wool crepe fibers, in the cleaning process so they don't get any pulls or snags from anything else in the cleaning, including buttons, trimmings, or embellishments.

He puts it in the dry cleaning machine, this cleaning process which will disperse the spotting agent that JR used evenly and safely. The entire process from cleaning and drying will take at least 30 to 45 minutes.

Step 4: Inspecting the Dry Cleaned Garments

After the dry cleaning process all pieces will go to the quality control checker. At this point this person's job is to examine all the pieces that get after cleaning to ensure that all stains were safely and effectively removed. If at this point the garment needs to be de-linted, de-spilled, or a button may be loose. This is when these things are addressed.

Step 5: Pressing the Garments

At the finishing station is when both pieces will be hand pressed entirely.

Step 6: Final Clothes Inspection

This is another inspection station where we will examine the piece inside and out to make sure it's in perfect condition as the same day when you bought it.

Step 7: Assembly and Bagging

And this is when the garment will be assembled and bagged for delivery or pick up for the client.

Wasn't that a fabulous trip that your clothes take through the cleaning process? I want to thank everybody for watching. And to learn more please visit us on the Web at
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