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Video:How to Restring Drawstring Pants

with Jon Stewart

Losing a drawstring can be a pain in the pants. But use one of these quick tips, and your drawstring waistband will be back in business in a flash.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Restring Drawstring Pants

Hey guys! Jonathon Stewart here for with today's 90 Second Quick Tip. What's the worst thing to find when you pull your laundry out of the dryer? Other than a pretty pink blend of red towels and white t-shirts (guilty), it just might be finding the missing string, completely separated from your drawstring pants. But don't sweat it, with just a pinch of patience, you'll never have to deal with dropping your drawers again. Check it out.

Feeding a drawstring back through a pair of pants, sweatshirt or shorts doesn't have to take all afternoon. If the fabric is sturdy and you're not terribly worried about snagging the garment, try this.

Restring Drawstrings With a Coat Hanger

Take a regular coat hanger and untwist it into one long wire. You may want to bend off the twirl-y part to make the wire as smooth as possible. Next, securely tape one end of your string to the end of the wire, and feed it through the hole in your garment. Bend the wire slightly, so that it has a rounded arc in it, allowing you to maneuver the string through the garment towards the other hole.

Once the hanger is out, remove the tape and be sure to hold the string tightly at both ends, while extracting the hanger. Double knot both ends of the string, and you're all set.

Restring Delicate Fabrics With Safety Pins

If your fabric is more delicate, or you're having trouble with the coat hanger method, try using a safety pin. Stick the pin through the end of the string, and feed it into the hole in your garment. Using a caterpillar-like motion, work the string around towards the other opening in your garment. Bunch the fabric together, then hold the pin at the top and pull the fabric back down along the string, and repeat. This method takes a little bit of moxie, but after just a few minutes: bingo. Remove the pin, double knot, and carry on.

It's also a great idea to double-knot your drawstring pants before they go into the laundry, or even when you're done wearing them. You never know when a cat or a small child might go in for a little drawstring sabotage action.

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