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Video:How to Remove Red Wine Stains

with Jonathon Stewart

Nothing ruins a night on the town more than spying splashes of red wine on your favorite outfit. Don't panic - you can save your clothes from permanent damage before and after you get home. Learn a few easy laundry tips for removing red wine stains.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Remove Red Wine Stains

Hi! I'm Jonathon Stewart for Home and Garden with today's 90 second quick tip. Is red wine really good for your cholesterol count and overall cardiac health? Well, definitely not if you spill it all over your pants in mixed company. But don't have a heart attack - try these tips for tackling red wine stains in a hurry. Check it out.

Red Wine Stain Removal: Immediate Steps

If you're out and about, there are a few things you can do in the very short term to treat a red wine stain before it sets. First, don't panic - wherever you are, you're likely to have access to one of the following: club soda, salt, or white wine. Start by moistening a clean napkin or cloth with soda water and blot the stain carefully, or do the same with white wine. If you only have access to salt, pour a generous amount on the stain and wait for a few minutes, then rinse with cold water.

Tackling Red Wine Stains at Home

These quick fixes should be able to get you through dinner or a cocktail hour, and at least lighten the stain enough that when you're talking to people, you don't have to worry if they're secretly laughing at you in their heads. Once you get home, it's time to get bring out the big guns.

Start by making a great non-bleach based universal stain remover by mixing one part dish-washing liquid and two parts hydrogen peroxide in a small bowl. The soap will make the stain soluble, and allow the peroxide to do its trick.

Laundering Red Wine Stains

One quick caveat here for the laundry uninitiated: peroxide does act like bleach, so be sure not to use this miracle mix on fabrics that are not either colorfast or white. Always be sure to check your tags as well - if they happen to read "Dry Clean Only" or if you think the color is likely to run, your safest bet is taking your stain to the cleaners. Soak your stain for about 20 minutes, then wash in the hottest water your fabric will endure. Remember to NEVER put your garment in the dryer until your stain is completely gone.

Solutions for Tough Red Wine Stains

After the soda and the salt and the miracle mix and the laundering, if you're still having trouble, it might just be your dish-washing liquid. I hate to play favorites here, but everyone seems to agree on this one: use the blue kind, of the brand that starts with a "D" and rhymes with "lawn"...

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