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Video:How to Remove Chocolate Stains

with Jonathon Stewart

Dark and messy chocolate stains can really ruin your sweet tooth - try these simple laundry tips and be rid of them forever.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Remove Chocolate Stains

Hi! I'm Jonathon Stewart for Home and Garden with today's 90 second quick tip. A little known fact about Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 classic, "Psycho," is that instead of using fake blood, he substituted nothing other than chocolate syrup in that famous shower scene. And over the seven days it took to shoot, you can bet a bunch of crew members got covered in that chocolate-y mess, which begs the question: how'd they get rid of all those chocolate stains? Well, stick around and I'll show you how I do it... check it out.

Inside a Chocolate Stain

Chocolate stains might seem at first like a tough animal to tackle. They're comprised of both cocoa and milk proteins, can be sticky, gooey, or even caked in, and the stains usually don't just come out in the wash.

Rub the Stain With Heavy Cream

But here's what I always say: fight milk proteins with milk proteins! Pour about a quarter to a half pint of heavy cream into a bowl, dip in a clean toothbrush, and lightly rub your stain for a minute or so.

Check the Garment Cleaning Instructions

Always check your tags before digging in too far - the last thing you want to do is complicate a stain that really should be treated by a professional dry cleaner from the start. But for every fabric except the most delicate or non-washable, this should do the trick every time.

Soak the Chocolate Stain in Cream

After lightly brushing, dip your stain into the bowl of cream and let it sit for about twenty minutes. In all likelihood, your stain will already be gone, but either way you should finish up by laundering as usual.

Wash the Garment

Once your garment is through the washer, take a close look to make sure the stain is completely removed. If there are traces left, try soaking it in a solution of one part dish-washing liquid to two parts hydrogen peroxide, being wary of the bleaching action of the peroxide on non-colorfast fabrics. And always, always, always make sure that your stain is gone for good before tossing anything in the dryer.

And that's all there is to it - nothing to fear from chocolate ever again. Like you've ever been afraid of chocolate before...

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