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Video:How to Level a Washer

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If your washing machine is not level, it could effect how well the machine cleans your clothes. This video will teach you to properly level a washer.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Level a Washer

If your washing machine has begun to shake, rattle and vibrate, that could be a sign that it needs to be leveled. An unbalanced washing machine does not clean clothes efficiently, and it can also be damaging to the machine itself. The good news is that it's easy to fix – all you need is a level and perhaps an adjustable wrench or pliers. 

Check if Washing Machine is Level

First, place your level on top of the machine so that it's parallel with the front. Ideally, the bubble on your level should be right in the middle. If the bubble floats to the right, that means the right side needs to be lower, or the left side needs to be higher. If the bubble floats to the left, that means the left side needs to be lower, or the right side needs to come up.

Prop Up Washing Machine

Unplug the washer before adjusting the legs and be sure that it is not loaded with clothes or water. Prop up the side that needs to be adjusted. Ask someone to help you as you lift the washer and to hold it stable while you work on the the adjustment. 

Adjust Feet on Washing Machine

You can raise or lower each corner of your machine using its adjustable feet, which screw in and out. Turning the foot to the left will extend the leg and raise the machine. Turning it to the right will lower that corner. Remove your prop and check your level again.  

Repeat Until Washer is Level

Repeat this procedure until the bubble is right in the middle. Next, place your level so it's extending along the side, from front to back. Check to see if it's level in this direction. If not, raise or lower the feet to level the machine. 

Perform a final check using your level in both directions. If the level is even both ways, then the job is done! 

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