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Video:How to Clean a Dryer

with Amber Davis

Cleaning your dryer will help maintain your appliance and safely dry your laundry. Watch this video to see how to clean your dryer.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Clean a Dryer

Hi I'm Amber Davis for  Keeping your dryer clean will help it run more efficiently and dry your close quicker.  Here's how to clean your dryer.

To clean your dryer you will need

  • a vacuum
  • soap and water
  • spray cleaner
  • a sponge or rag
  • a Soft brush

A dryer has four components that you want to consider when cleaning.  The interior drum, the exterior, the lint filter and the exhaust hose.

Clean the Dryer Drum and Exterior

Clean the interior drum with some mild soap and water.  Use a sponge and wipe down the inside collecting any dirt or debris.  The exterior can be cleaned in the same fashion.  Using spray cleaner wipe away any collected lint, dirt, and debris.  Make sure to pay close attention to the opening of the lint filter and around the knobs.  Also make sure to wipe the door and the rubber seal.

Clean the Dryer Lint Filter

Cleaning the lint filter should occur before every load you dry, however, every month or so you should remove the filter and wash it out with running water and a soft brush.  Be gentle, you don't want to tear the filter, just clear away any excess lint.  With the filter removed use your vacuum cleaner to clear away any lint in and around the opening.

While you have the vacuum out, vacuum around the dryer.  Get underneath and behind the machine if possible.

Clean the Dryer Hose

If you can unplug the dryer and slide it forward.  This will allow you to disconnect the dryer hose.  With the hose disconnected vacuum out the inside.  The more lint you can remove the more efficient your dryer will be.  Reconnect the hose, plug it back in.

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