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Video:Learn to Fold a T-Shirt Like a Pro

with Jonathon E. Stewart

Sure there's the traditional way to fold a t-shirt, but there's a quicker, more efficient fold out there. Find out how to pinch, pinch, pinch, flick - and you'll got a perfectly folded t-shirt every time.See Transcript

Transcript:Learn to Fold a T-Shirt Like a Pro

Hey guys - Jonathon Stewart here for with today's 90 second quick tip. Are your messy drawers a constant headache? Do your t-shirts seem to multiply overnight like friend requests from randoms on MySpace? Well, before you go tossing that killer tee from the Skyscraper Tour in '88, here's a little tip: you don't have to work at the Gap to be able to quickly, and easily fold your t-shirts like a pro - in fact, you can even be a dude. Check it out.

Traditional T-Shirt Fold

The most obvious way to fold a t-shirt isn't necessarily the best. Flipping your t-shirt over, tucking in the sleeves, then folding up the back will definitely do the job, but might leave a stack of shirts looking a little frumpy. And no one likes looking frumpy - even your t-shirts. The following technique takes just a few seconds to learn, and might even be a fun way to impress your guests at a party. Well, at a pretty lame party.

Quick and Simple T-Shirt Fold

Start by paying your t-shirt flat in front of you, with the collar to your left. With your left hand, pinch the shirt about halfway between the collar and the shoulder seam, being sure to grab both the top and bottom layers of your tee. Next, following an imaginary line down towards the bottom of the shirt, pinch the shirt with your right hand, again about halfway between the top and bottom.

Now, take your left hand and reach over the right, still holding tightly, and pinch the shirt again at the bottom with your left hand, again on the same imaginary line. Lift the shirt off the surface in front of you, uncross your hands, and lay the shirt back down in front of you, sleeve first. Finally, make one fold crosswise, and you're all set - a perfectly folded t-shirt!

The best part about this little trick, is that once you get really good, you can fold a big load of old tees in just a few minutes, which might come in handy after you file through the entire stack looking for just the right tee for going out on Saturday night.

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