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Video:Plants to Use in a No-Work Perennial Garden

with Charlie Siegchrist

Tending a perennial garden can take up a lot of time, but if you use large, aggressive plants, you'll have less work, and maybe even less mowing, in your future. See how to set up a no-work garden.See Transcript

Transcript:Plants to Use in a No-Work Perennial Garden

Hi, I am Charlie Siegchrist for Home and Garden and I would like to discuss the way you can reduce the amount of lawn that you have to mow by using large aggressive perennials.

Behind me is a bed that was established four years ago using seven plants, only in three different varieties. Each of these plants is very aggressive. A friend of mine refers to them as the thug perennials.

Types of Aggressive Perennials

We have a variety of eupa called Joe Pie Weed. These will open up into large dusty blooms on which monarch butterflies will play for weeks on end. These are a form of Black Eyed Susan, actually a Green Eyed Susan, six or seven feet tall. And the biggest and the thuggiest of them all is a variety called Plume Poppy. There were three of this plant when this garden began, and they have raced and run, as you can see, up and down the entire length of things.

Forming a No-Tend Garden

So basically these plants are duking it out, and they are duking it out to the extent that, yes, there are weeds under here, but these plants are so large and so aggressive, that they do not much care. So it is really a no-tend garden. This is a real effective way, if you are tired of mowing a big area of lawn, if you have an area that is hard to get into, this kind of bed would work really well for you.

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