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Video:What Is Overseeding?

with Aaron Dostie

Want to learn about overseeding and why it happens? Here, see helpful information about how to avoid overseeding.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is Overseeding?

Hi my name is Aaron Dostie for About.com. Today we are going to discuss what is over seeding and why it’s done.

Facts About Overseeding

The concept of over seeding in the north is to help increase turf density. Many people have thin lawns or areas that are shaded that need to be repaired because of insect, grub damage, winter kill or disease damage. By over seeding annually your lawn will continue to be thick, thus the theory will choke out annual grasses such as crab grass and some broad leaf weeds, reducing the need for pesticides.

More Facts About Overseeding

When choosing grass seed types use perennial rye grasses they are typically endophitically enhanced for insect resistance. The reason for using perennial rye grass is because it germinates within 5 to 7 days. Prior to over seeding you want to aerate the lawn in a minimum of 2 to 3 directions. In order to find an aerator you need to go to your local rental store or you can purchase a tow behind core plugger.

Additional Facts About Overseeding

When aerating you want to go 2 to 3 directions on your lawn pulling core plugs. When you broadcast the seed later whatever falls in the holes is going to germinate for grass seed, whatever doesn't fall in the holes will not germinate. After aerating your lawn, you want to have a spreader and you have to purchase your grass seed. In order to know how much grass seed you want to put down, the rate is going to be 5 pounds of grass seed per 1000 square feet. You need to figure out the size of your lawn by measuring length times width. Once you have your spreader ready you have to calibrate the spreader. The easiest way to do that is to measure out 5 pounds of grass seed, put it in the hopper and measure out 1000 square feet, 50 by 20, and spread the grass seed to see where it comes out. Then adjust the spreader accordingly from there.

When you broadcast the seed it's a lot like mowing the lawn. You want to throw the grass seed left to right to your tire marks. That will give you the correct overlap. In the south warm season grasses go dormant and turn a shade of brown. If you want a green lawn year round you need to over seed with rye grass. Regardless if you live in Maine or Florida in order to have a green lush lawn you've got to over seed.

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