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Video:Tips for DIY Landscape Design

with Jonathan Yevin

Want to learn about DIY landscape design ideas before you tear apart your yard? Here, see tips and tricks for making the landscaping look great.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for DIY Landscape Design

Hi, my name is Jonathan Yevin with Modern Urban Design landscaping in New York for

Basic Tips for DIY Landscape Design

Today we're going to discuss a few basic tips for creating your own landscape design using instructions from's Landscaping site. One of the most pressing concerns that many people share when designing a landscape is the budget. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend a fortune to design your own landscape. One of the easiest ways to save money is by getting your plants when they’re very young, and letting them grow naturally with the space. You can find young plants at a big box store, and you don’t necessarily have to go to a retail nursery.

More Tips for DIY Landscape Design

A great tip for working on your design is to execute a series of drawings or collages using cutouts from magazines. This will help you select a color template and layout for your landscape. Dramatic colors always attract attention, but try not to go overboard with the colors. I usually recommend picking two or three simple colors and keeping it very minimalist. If you’re not able to move a large existing tree, then rather than cutting it down you can build around it. Some trees just need a little pruning to make a great focal point.

Additional Tips for DIY Landscape Design

Another important thing to consider is seasonal changes, and not just planting what’s in bloom right now. I often recommend an evergreen base so that there is color all year round. Here in the northeast region of the united states, I recommend some of the endemic evergreen species such as junipers, cypresses, arborvitae, cedar, and so on.

And that was just a basic overview of landscape design. To learn more, visit

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