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Video:Plants That Are Poisonous to Cats

with Ashley Alford

There are a number of common plants that you should look out for if you're a cat owner, as they may be poisonous to your pet. This video from will explain the types of plants that are poisonous to cats.See Transcript

Transcript:Plants That Are Poisonous to Cats

Hi, I'm Ashley Alford with the Village Vets of Decatur for, and I'm going to tell you about some poisonous plants for cats.

Keep Cats Away From Easter Lilies

Most of the plants that are going to be toxic to cats are going to be houseplants. So one of the biggest things that we see here is Easter Lily toxicity. We've had about 5 cases of that over the Easter break and what happens is these guys ingest those plants and they start out with having vomiting and diarrhea, and that typically progresses to them being lethargic and depressed. By the time they get to us, a lot of the time, they are already in kidney failure.

Make Sure House Plants Are Intact

So we want to make sure that we are mindful of those plants in the home and make sure we at least monitor to make sure cats cannot reach those plants, and make sure that those plants are fully intact and those cats are not chewing on the leaves when we're not looking. So when you have these plants in the home, you have to do several things. You have to monitor to make sure that the plants are fully in tact and make sure that the leaves are not chewed.

Keep Plants Out of Reach of Cats

You want to also make sure that you that you keep these plants out of reach if at all possible from your cats. Which can definitely be hard to do because cats are climbers and jumpers, but we do want to at least make sure that they are put up at a high distance or that they are out of reach or out of the areas where the cats like to frequent.

Poinsettias Are Also Poisonous to Cats

We want to be careful during the Christmas holidays as well. We love poinsettias, they're beautiful, but they also cause GI upset for cats, so we definitely want to keep those plants away from the cats as well. Really, in general, you want to keep any plant away from a cat because they all can pretty much cause gastritis, which is inflammation of the stomach lining, and they can all cause vomiting and diarrhea.

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