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Video:How to Install a Window Flower Box

with Alex Nice

A flower box will transform the facade of your home. See how to install a window flower box into brick and masonry.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Install a Window Flower Box

Hello I’m Alex Nice with Flower boxes can be a great way to add charm, color and personality to the front of your house.

Hanging and securing those flower boxes can be difficult, though, especially when your dealing with a brick or masonry façade like this one. Today, I’m going to show you how to mount and secure your flower boxes. And as an added bonus, I’m also gonna show you how to drill and fasten into masonry and brick walls.

What You'll Need

Here’s what you are going to need:

Get yourself a metal flowerbox like this one. You'r gonna need a marker, fasteners and some washers, and make sure the hole in the washer fits your tapcom.

Have a little tube of silicon handy, and always wear your safety goggles when drilling into masonry. Your also gonna need a screw gun, preferably an impact driver, and your gonna need one of these bad boys: rotary hammer drills with your mason bit.

You wanna make sure your masonry bit is a sixteenth thinner than the tapcom that your using. Talk to the guy at the hardware store, he should put you right.

Center the Flower Box

Pick up your flower box, center it up under your window about where you want it, you’ll notice the two little metal hooks on the top part of the box. Mark under those hooks, that’s where you are gonna be hanging your flower box. They come with a little key like this…this thing will tighten up your bit into the hammer drill, then you take the teeth on this little key, and they feed into the teeth here. Make sure it’s good and tight, drill, set on hammer, and your ready to go.

Drill Into Masonry

You put your safety goggles on, you get lined up, to where you had your marks, and you punch the trigger, slowly pushing into the masonry. Make sure you keep your drill straight while your drilling, you don’t wanna snap that bit off in there. Stay on the trigger until you totally pull the bit outta the wall…it’s good to put a little silicon, on top of the hole, to keep water from creeping into the masonry.

Fasten Flower Box Into Wall

Now this is the tricky part, and you might wanna go get some help, or an extra set of hands, to help you finish this job off. Me? I’m gonna wedge my body, up against the flower box, I’m gonna set my tapcom with the washer on it, and I’m gonna fasten, into the wall. As your fastening, make sure you don’t trap your finger between the washer that you are using to secure the flower box, and the little metal bend in that top bar.

Should be a bit easier to screw that other side in now, too. Our flower box is in, and our flowers are planted and they look beautiful, and you can really see how much color and charm they add to the front of the house.

For more information go to, I’m Alex Nice and see you next time.
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