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Video:How to Seed a New Lawn

with Aaron Dostie

Want to learn how to seed a new lawn instead of hiring someone? Here, see tips and tricks for seeding a new lawn.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Seed a New Lawn

Hi. my name is Aaron Dostie for

Information About Seeding a New Lawn

Today we are going to talk about how to seed a new lawn. Step one is to loam. Make sure you grade the land so that the water runs off to the areas you want it to. Build up the low areas with some fill or the existing land that you have graded. Next rake the loam smooth. You can simply do this by taking a step back and taking a look at the work you have just done. Avoid spreading areas to thin because the lawn will struggle. Especially during those hot summer days. Avoid leaving debris such as rocks or stumps or even some roots that are sticking up through the area you just cleaned up.

More Steps for Seeding a New Lawn

It’s time to seed. The rate that you want to put down the grass seed is 8 pounds per thousand square feet. Using a broadcast or drop spreader spread the grass seed in two directions. Calibrate your broadcast or drop spreader for four ponds of grass seed and spread it in one direction. When you finish that direction go perpendicular to the direction you just seeded in with the other four pounds of grass seed. This will even out any errors in overlapping. By overlapping tire mark to tire mark this will give you an even application of grass seed thus giving you a nice looking lawn.

Additional Steps for Seeding a New Lawn

Cover the seed soil with either hay or straw. I prefer straw it is easier to work with and it also doesn’t have broad leaf weeds or grassy weeds that hay may have. Avoid putting the hay or straw to thick. You need the sunlight to hit the seed soil in order for germination to occur.

Step four is to water. It’s time to put out the sprinklers. You want to run the water 30 to 45 minutes per section in the spring and late summer early fall, daily for about two weeks. Weeks 3 and 4 water 1 to 1/2 hours per each section two to three times per week. After week four, water as needed. Avoid over watering because weed will either wash out or it will rot. Not watering enough, nothing will grow but the weeds or crab grass.

And the final step to seeding a new lawn is to apply an application of starter fertilizer at approximately three to four weeks after you have seeded the lawn.

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