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Video:How to Repel Cats From Your Garden

with Eric King

Cats can spread diseases and create other threats if they are not kept away from your garden area. This landscaping video from has some tips for repelling cats from your garden.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Repel Cats From Your Garden

Hi, I'm Eric King, landscape architect with, and I'm here to talk to you about how to keep cats out of your garden.

Keep Cat Out By Making Outdoor Litter Box

To keep cats out of your garden, you need to think like a cat. And cats are really after the three P's: poop, prey and play. They're looking for a place to do their business, they're looking for something to play with, like a mouse to chase around, or they're looking for prey to eat. So to keep them out, you have to get rid of those. Another way to keep cats out is to create virtual kitty litter box somewhere else in your yard. The idea is that the cats will see that and be drawn to it. You can put cat mint around it, something that's appealing. One of the drawbacks to that is that if it's that great, you may be pulling in cats from other parts of your neighborhood that weren't there in the first place.

Motion-Activated Devices to Repel Cats

So there are two other methods; one of them is to use a motion-activated device that creates a sound, whether it's ultra-sonic that's hard for humans but offends cats, or is just a loud sharp burst. Both of those are triggered by a motion-sensing device. They have mixed reviews. The ultra-sonic is debatable in terms of its effectiveness, and if you do a noise that's loud enough to startle a cat, well it might startle you too.

Motion-Activated Sprinkler to Repel Cats

The last one, probably the most effective device, is a motion-activated sprinkler. It uses a battery, you hook it up to your hose, you set it out when the cat goes through the field and trips it. It sends a burst of water that scares the cat away. Those are reported to be one of the most effective and they're environmentally friendly.

Professional Help in Keeping Cats Out of a Garden

So when is it time call in a pro? If you ever feel threatened by a cat, or if you see that their waste or fecal matter is in an area that you're actively engaged and working, that can be dangerous because, again, cats can spread diseases that we as humans are susceptible to. You can get rabies, you can get diseases from their fecal matter. So if it ever gets to that point, call in a professional to help control and remove the cats from your yard.

Thanks for watching. This is Eric King with on how to keep cats out of your garden.

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