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Video:How to Install Waterfall Ponds

with Eric King

The pond component of a waterfall allows you to hold water and then push it back to the top, where it falls over rocks and back into the pond again. This landscaping video from will explain how to install a waterfall pond.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Install Waterfall Ponds

Hi, I'm Eric King, landscape architect, with We're going to talk about building a waterfall pond.

Choose Location for Waterfall Pond

The pond component is at the bottom of the waterfall. And that stores the water, and allows you to hold it and then push it back to the top, where it falls over rocks like a little creek back into the pond again. What are the steps? Well, first, you have to pick a great location that you can see where the water is visible easily to the viewer.

Use Rubber Liner for Waterfall Pond

Next, you have to dig down enough so that the water won't freeze in the winter time. You could talk to your local pond store about what depth to make it. Usually it's a foot and a half deep or deeper. Then you want to smooth the sides to make sure that there is nothing that can punch the liner. Put down a nice bed of sand and then you can put down your liner, your rubber liner, in it. Use more than you think you need, run it way up on the sides and run it up into your water feature. Make sure if you have a waterfall that's coming down, you overlap your liner so the water doesn't go back up and out.

Fill Pond With Water

Next, you want to put rocks in it and around the edge. And finally, you're going to fill it up with water. Your pump would be in the bottom of the pond or it could be external but you're going to have a pump that pulls the water and pushes it to the top and you need a filtration system to help keep it clean. At the top, you want to also make sure you hide the source. So tips to keep in mind: you need an electrical connection nearby; use more liner than you think you're ever going to need; and get rocks that look rounded and natural so you have a beautiful, natural looking waterfall. And if you do all that, you'll have a beautiful waterfall pond for your yard.

I'm Eric King with King Landscaping and, and this has been how to build an outdoor waterfall pond.

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