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Video:How to Build a Rock Garden

with Eric King

Rock gardens aren't too hard to build yourself as long as you know what you're doing. This landscaping video from will explain how to properly build a rock garden.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Build a Rock Garden

Hi, I'm Eric King, landscape architect with, and we're here at Atlanta's Botanical Gardens to learn about how to build a rock garden for your yard.

Begin Building Rock Garden by Improving Drainage

So how do you pull it off? Well, to build it, first you need to think like a rock garden. They're usually in places that are pretty much awful for everything else, so then you pick your site and remove the vegetation that's there now and you have to start by improving the drainage. That's the way it would be up in a rock garden up in the mountains. So to improve the drainage, you scrape down the weeds that are there, you loosen the soil up and then you apply a couple inches of crushed sand or stone, coarse texture.

Choose and Place Rocks in Rock Garden

Then it's time to place your rocks. Bear in mind that nature is random, it's not predictable. So as you're laying your rocks out, scatter them. Do a couple big ones, a small one mixed in there all together. You also want to use the same type of rock but in different sizes. Some rounded, some weathered, mix that all in there. The key is you need to bury your rocks at least a couple inches so they look natural. Not like they just fell from the sky and landed there.

Finish Building Rock Garden With Plants

Then it's time to move to the plants. When you do the plants, you can go crazy. Rock gardens are like a tiny little painting, beautiful, in a gilded frame that you're meant to get up really close to and enjoy, so have fun with it. You can also do it in the shade if you want, but you'll have to adjust your plant palette. Either way to have this wonderful, neat little mixture of plants and styles and shapes in your yard.

I'm Eric King, landscape architect with King Landscaping, and we've been filming at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens for If you'd like more information on building a rock garden, go to

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