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Video:Hosta Care Tips

with Yolanda Vanveen

If you have a shady area in your garden, hostas are a great plant to give a try. With proper care, their lush leaves will be a beautiful addition to your landscaping!See Transcript

Transcript:Hosta Care Tips

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen for Garden, and today we are going to learn all about growing hostas.

Plant in Shady Area

Now, if you got a shady area and you want to find some gorgeous leafy plants with flowers, they usually come in shades of white and green and even purple, then hostas are your plants. Remember, you have got to make sure you still have enough heat in that area. But if you got deep forest and you don’t even have weeds coming up you are going to have hard time trying to grow hostas. So make sure you got a little bit of light coming in or weeds are growing and you can grow them.

Plant Three Inches Deep

Now, hostas are just a root, they are called a bulb because they go dormant in the winter; they have little eyes that stay like eyes over the winter and then in the spring they come up and grow. When you plant them you want to make sure to cover them about three inches deep so you want all the top of them to be covered so that they are protected in the winter.

Mound the Roots

I have a theory too, instead of separating out the roots I like to mound the roots of all of my plants because that way you are going to get more blooms, plants only bloom when they’re crowded so, if you separate them all out nice and neat it’s going to take years to get lots of blooms whereas if you pack them together they are going to bloom quicker.

Enjoy Years of Lush Growth

Once you plant them they are done, they are under the ground, they’re dormant, they are going to come back year after year, give you lush, lush foliage and you are going to really enjoy them in your garden.

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