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Video:Fall Lawn Care Tips

with Aaron Dostie

Want to learn some key fall lawn care tips that will help your yard survive through the winter? Here, see helpful information for fall lawn care.See Transcript

Transcript:Fall Lawn Care Tips

Hi my name is Aaron Dostie for About.com. Today we are going to discuss five quick fall lawn care tips.

Basic Fall Lawn Care Tips

Tip 1 is to aerate. What does aeration do? It relieves compaction, improves root growth, it adds oxygen to the soil and it increases fertilizer uptake. Many people use a pull behind aerator hooked up to a tractor. I've even seen some people go out with a pitchfork. But the correct way to aerate your lawn in order to get the best results is to rent a core plugger at your local rental store.

Other Fall Lawn Care Tips

Tip 2 is to apply winter fertilizer, which is typically called a winterizer. You'll find this on the bags at your local store. This winterizer will consist of a high nitrogen number and a high potassium number. The first number on the bag is the nitrogen number, the last number on the bag is the potassium number. You want to purchase a bag that has high potassium, that is the most important part of a winterizer fertilizer. The extra potassium in the fertilizer gives the lawn the extra carbohydrates it needs to survive the winter and give you that early spring green up.

Additional Fall Lawn Care Tips

Tip 3 – Is mow height. In order to get the best possible color out of your lawn, it is critical to mow your lawn at two and three quarter to three inches and the reason being if its too high you're going to have a lot of thatch in the spring, you'll also have a high potential for snow mold disease because of all the leaf tissue that was left in the fall. If you mow it too short, less than 2 1/4 inches, you take the chance, if there is no snow cover, of desiccation, the plant will dry out and die, which is called winterkill.

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Tip 4 – Is to pick up the leaves. If you have leaves on your property it's imperative that you pick up your leaves, do not mulch them into the grass. And the reason being is leaves are acidic, thus it will drop the PH. If the PH is too low, fertilizer will not be taken up by the plant you'll have very little growth and a lot of disease problems.

More Fall Lawn Care Tips

Tip 5 – Soil PH. Ideal PH for cool season grasses is 6.5 – 6.8. If you're below 6.5 an application of pelletized lime stone is needed, at a minimum rate of 15 pounds of lime stone per 1000 square feet. The PH of the soil is important in order to have maximum fertilizer uptake and very little disease problems.

So don't forget to do that final mowing in the fall it will keep the thatch down and a lot less raking in the spring. To learn more check us out on the web at About.com. Thanks for watching.

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