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Video:Cutting Back Ornamental Grass

with Yolanda Vanveen

Ornamental grass adds a lot of shizam to your garden. But ornamental grass left into the winter can look a bit tacky. See our tips for cutting back ornamental grass and getting the best effect throughout the year.See Transcript

Transcript:Cutting Back Ornamental Grass

Hello, I'm Yolanda Vanveen, and today we are going to talk about cutting back ornamental grass.

Now ornamental grasses are such a delight in the garden and add lots of color and feature and lots of shizam to your garden. But of course in the middle of winter they start looking tacky so here is some tips on cutting them back or my trick is to leave them in your garden as long as they look good and when they get to the point where they look really tacky that’s when you chop them out so here’s some tips I can give you.

Lay Down Plastic

First of all it’s best to put some plastic down around where you are going to cut them out because then you aren’t not going to make a big mess all over your garden and you aren’t going to be picking up little pieces of grass forever. So I always like to put some plastic down whenever I’m cleaning something up.

Bundle Grass With Masking Tape

Another trick is you can use any type of a paper masking tape and put them in a bundle. So it’s easiest to put everything together so that it’s not spilling all over when you cut it too; you can put a rubber band around it or use a paper type of masking tape that can decompose and then you can just throw that back in the garden.

Leave a Bit of Grass Showing

But I really don’t want to go through all that trouble. I found that just having a plastic right there and just cutting it down a little bit a time and you want to leave just a little above the ground too. I try not to cut it down too much because then I know exactly where it’s at when I go to plant more things and I’m usually planting throughout the middle of winter too.

Replant in Empty Spots

So basically I am just chopping it all back and put it on the plastic. And you are just trimming it down as close as you can. If you got it really multiplying you start digging it up once you’ve trimmed it back and putting it all over your garden in any of the empty spots and that way next year your gonna have even more ornamental grasses and it will even look better. It’s really that easy you are just chopping out the brown leaves. If they're green leave them alone. If they look good leave them alone. If they look tacky in any way chop them out. It’s about that easy.

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