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Video:Components of a Beautiful Yard

with Derrick Carr

There is an unlimited number of types of beautiful yards and landscapes, but they all share a few basic components. This video from will go over the components of a beautiful yard.See Transcript

Transcript:Components of a Beautiful Yard

Hi, I'm Mary Kay Woodworth with the Georgia Urban Ag Council for Today we're discussing the components of a beautiful landscape.

Creating Focal Points in Your Yard

When you're beginning the design process, find a focal point. In this case, in this property, the big driveway was an eyesore. So the blue pots were planted with seasonal color. So your eye went immediately to them as you pulled in the driveway.

Combinations of a myriad of plant material can create a visually pleasing scene characterized by contrast, balance, scale and texture. Here's an example of contrast in your garden design and plant selection. This chamaecyparis is an evergreen with a rougher texture. And then next to it you've got a gardenia with will be blooming in the spring and summer.

Proper Turf for a Beautiful Landscape

Choose turf based on sun and shade requirements. Select varieties that once established require less water ground cover and mulch are an excellent alternative to large turf areas and add texture to a garden. You need to consider drainage, runoff, soil condition, your topography. This is an area where you may need to bring in a professional depending on what you are installing or constructing.

Hardscapes and Yard Maintenance

Walls, decks, patios do require a professional in many cases depending on the elevation and degree of difficulty. It's important to set up a maintenance schedule so that your plants needs are not overlooked. Proper pruning will improve the shape and natural vigor. If there are pest or disease problems, you can address them immediately before they get out of hand.

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