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Video:Best Evergreen Hedge Shrubs

with Barry George

If you're trying to plant an evergreen hedge, you've got a number of shrub options. This video from will list some of the best evergreen hedge shrubs.See Transcript

Transcript:Best Evergreen Hedge Shrubs

This is Barry George with Crabapple Landscape Experts for and today we want to talk about the best evergreen hedge-forming plants.

A lot of homeowners look for hedge-forming plants to create a barrier or a wall to outline a landscaping design or basically to create a privacy screen for their landscaped area. So we want to cover a few choices for you as far as evergreen shrubs. 

Evergreen Hedge Shrubs: Holly

The first one is hollies. Evergreen shrubs like hollies like clarissa hollies, or needlepoint hollies, American hollies, Chinese hollies, are great hedge forming hollies that will stay green all year round. They give you nice looking berries that will form on the holly plant.

Evergreen Hedge Shrubs: Loropetalum

Another plant that is hedge forming that stays green is loropetalum. Loropetalum, I know we mentioned being green but it's actually burgundy or purple and gives you nice white or burgundy flowers and a loropetalum can grow as high as six feet to ten feet. And we give you a nice barrier. It's not the traditional low hedge but it can grow to a high hedge that will give you a privacy screen for your property.

Evergreen Hedge Shrubs: Boxwood

Another traditional hedge-forming plant is the boxwood. Boxwood is a great low hedge-forming plant. It gives you that nice traditional English hedge that will give you that nice fence-like look that will grow together. They have small, little leaves and you can pretty much prune those or trim those to any type of hedge line that your looking for.

Evergreen Hedge Shrubs: Cleyera

Another evergreen hedge is cleyera. Cleyera is a great plant that will actually grow tall as well, just like the loropetalum and it will form together to grow a tall running hedge and it will give you nice white or yellow flowers.

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