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Video:Azalea Care Tips

with Yolanda Vanveen

Azaleas are a beautiful, flowering shrub that can be grown almost anytime of the year. See our tips on caring for azaleas in your garden.See Transcript

Transcript:Azalea Care Tips

Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen for Garden and today we are going to learn all about Growing Azaleas.

Provide Plenty of Sunlight

Now Azaleas are a beautiful plant, they are more of a shrub and they are native to the Northwest and all over different parts of the world. They are really easy to grow as long as you give them at least dapple light or a little bit of shade and or full sun. If you live in a really hot climate, put them in part shade. If you live in mild climate, you can put them out in the sun a little more. That’s been my rule on all plants.

When to Plant Azaleas

Now they make a bush and they have beautiful color foliage on them. So you can plant them anytime of the year. I find the spring and the fall, winter is the best time. Sometimes if you plant them in the middle of the summer, and you have a really, really hot summer and they dry out to much, you can loose them. But they are one of those plants that is really rewarding and makes a really pretty bush.

Break Up the Root for Growth

Now Azaleas, you can usually get them in the pot or you can get them by the start. And whenever you have roots too I kind of like to when you’re taking them out of the pot, kind of break up the root a little bit to stimulate some new growth. You don’t want to cut them back too much either. And it’s the winter fall, they are dying back and losing leaves and in the spring they kind of grow a lot more lush.

Trimming Azaleas

You can trim it back anytime of the year. My rule is don’t trim it more than a 1/3 of the plant at one time. So you can trim out all the wild branches about 1/3 but you only want to do that may be once or twice a year, and then periodically through out the summer too. You can cut out different dead branches or just clean it up here and there. Ok, when you plant it, you want to make sure the roots are completely covered up.

Azaleas are a rewarding shrub for your garden. They add so much color when they are in bloom and there are some varieties that will bloom spring through fall. Thanks for watching this video, for more information visit us on the Web at
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