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Video:How to Prepare a Seder Plate

with Sue Carol

The parts of Seder plate all hold a particular significance related to Jewish traditions. Learn how to prepare a traditional Seder Plate for Passover and the meaning of each item.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Prepare a Seder Plate

Hello, I’m Susan Carol for and today I’m going to show you how to prepare a Seder Plate for Passover.

Any plate will do but most people use a plate with sections specific to the items needed for the Seder. This plate is from Israel and has been on my table for over 50 Seders.

5 Items for the Seder Plate:

  • Beitzah
  • Zeroah
  • Charoset
  • Karpas
  • Maror

Each Item on the Seder Plate is a Symbol

The Beitzah is a roasted egg and is a symbol of birth, renewal, and the spring season in which Passover is always celebrated. The Zeroah is a roasted Shank Bone and represents the Paschal lamb offered as the Passover sacrifice during biblical times. Next is the Charoset which has varied recipes, but mine is made by crushing apples, nuts, sweet wine and cinnamon together. The word Charoset means ‘clay’ in Hebrew and it represents the mortar used by Hebrew slaves to build the Egyptian buildings.

The Karpas is the vegetable, such as parsley, which represents the harsh labor suffered by the Jews, and is dipped into salt water during the Seder. The salt water reminds us of the tears shed when Jews were slaves in Egypt. Lastly is the Maror, which is the bitter herb – such as horseradish, and symbolizes the bitterness and harshness of slavery the Jews endured in Egypt. Here is the prepared Seder Plate. For more information please visit Thanks for watching.

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