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Video:Quick Tip: What is Kochukaru?

with Kevin Chan

Kochukaru is a popular Korean spice made of dried, crushed hot red pepper flakes, that is not to be confused with cayenne pepper. Get a brief overview of the Korean pepper spice known as kochukaru in this food video from About.com.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: What is Kochukaru?

Hi, I'm Kevin for About.com and today we're going to learn about Kochukaru.

What is Kochukaru?

Kochukaru is a popular Korean spice made of dried, crushed hot red pepper flakes. It is used in countless dishes from gourmet meat dishes, to common soups and rice meals. It is even a key ingredient in the popular dish kimchi, used both as a food and a condiment. There are two main varieties of kochukaru, powder and flake.

Kochukaru vs Cayenne Pepper

The powdered variety resembles cayenne pepper somewhat, though more red in appearance. The crushed form of kochkaru resembles common red pepper flakes found in the United States, but does taste different. It is important to remember that in dishes that specifically call for kochukaru, substituting it with a similar ingredient will cause the food to taste differently.

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