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Video:How to Make Kimchi Fried Rice

with Kevin Chan

Kimchi fried rice is a quick Korean dish that can be prepared vegan, vegetarian, or with meat. Get a great recipe for kimchi friend rice in this how-to video from Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Kimchi Fried Rice

Hi I'm Kevin for, and today we're going to learn how to make kimchi fried rice.

Kimchi is not only great by itself, but it also makes a delicious ingredient for this great, quick meal. Before we begin, this recipe calls for kimchi already prepared, so if you don't have any on hand or don't want to make your own, you can always go to a nearby Asian supermarket and pick some up pre-made.

Ingredients for Kimchi Friend Rice

To begin you will need:

  • 1 cup kimchi, drained of fluid and chopped up. For authentic kimchi, use nappa cabbage, also available at most Asian markets
  • ½ sweet onion, chopped not-too finely
  • 1 tablespoon of garlic, chopped fine or minced if preferred=
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon butter or butter alternative
  • 1/3 cup preferred meat—this can be pork, beef, chicken, or none at all if you'd rather keep the meal vegetarian
  • 3 cups of cookeåd rice—white or brown, it is your preference again, but it must already be cooked
  • Salt — no set amount, just season to your liking.
  • Egg – you may optionally serve this meal with a fried or poached egg

How to Make Kimchi Fried Rice

Begin by placing your kimchi in a large pan and the combine them with the chopped white onion. 

When the kimchi is ready, add in the garlic and soy sauce and a ½ tablespoon of your butter and continue to cook for 2-3 more minutes. Be careful not to overly sauté the garlic as it will burn and spoil the dish.

When the seasoned kimchi is ready, add in any meat you are using and continue to sauté until that meat is cooked appropriately. When your meat is done, stir in the cooked rice and the remaining ½ tablespoon of butter.

Adding an Egg to Kimchi Fried Rice

That's it! Because the key ingredient, the kimchi, is already prepared, this dish does not take very long to make and is not very involved, but it is delicious.

At this point you could cook an egg to your liking and serve it on top of the meal. However, if you've kept the meal vegetarian you could also serve your kimchi fried rice in firm lettuce leaves for hand-held eating. There are many ways to enjoy this dish

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