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Video:Knitting w/ Circular Needles

with Claire Hoenke

This video is a brief tutorial on how to knit with circular needles. Here, learn how to knit with circular needles to create a beautiful sweater or another large knitted item.See Transcript

Transcript:Knitting w/ Circular Needles

Hi, I'm Claire Hoenke for and today we're going to take a look at knitting with circular needles.

Why Knit With Circular Needles?

Circular needles can be a knitter's best friend. They have virtually dozens of applications, the most common of which is knitting in the round. People use circular needles mostly for larger garments like sweaters. You may also find it's preferable to knit items such as hats or doilies on a set of circular needles. Circular needles are essentially two double-pointed needles attached in the middle by a flexible cord. The length of your needles will depend on the size of your project. They typically range from nine to forty inches in length, but you can sometimes find shorter and longer varieties. They are commonly made from materials like wood, bamboo, plastic, resin, metal, and even bone.

How to Knit With Circular Needles

When you're ready to start your project, cast on as you would with straight needles. Once you have cast on the desired number of stitches, instead of turning your work to knit back and forth, join the last stitch to the first stitch to create a round. Now when you knit, instead of creating a flat piece, you'll be knitting a seamless tube. You can also knit a flat project on circular needles by not joining the round, which is ideal for large-scale projects like afghans and wraps. You'll find that knitting a flat project on circular needles has ergonomic benefits too, taking the weight off of your wrist and distributing it along the length of the needle.

Benefit of Knitting With Circular Needles

Conversely, the biggest benefit to knitting in the round on circular needles is that you'll never be knitting on the backside, so to knit in Stockinette stitch, you'll only use knit stitches. Whether you're knitting a pair of stockings or a cardigan sweater, circular needles are an essential part of any knitter's collection. Thank you for watching. To learn more, visit us on the web at
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