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Video:How to Knit a Hat

with Anik St. Louis

Learn how to knit a hat in the round with the given pattern. If you are ready to attempt a knit hat, this pattern will help you practice knitting techniques and create a cozy yarn hat.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Knit a Hat

Hi I'm Anik St Louis for and I'm a knitting and crochet teacher at Mouliné Yarns and today we are going to learn how to knit a simple hat.

Knit the I-Cord for the Hat

Start by casting on four stitches. Knit an i-cord for about one inch or longer. You knit the first row and then move your stitches to the other end of the needle. Using your working yarn knit the same four stitches in the same direction as the first row. This technique forms your i-cord. Once your i-cord is long enough switch form 2 needles to 5 increasing each stitch as you go. I'm using a simple knit front and back. Knit front, knit back and again with the second needle. Knit front and knit back. We now have 8 stitches distributed 2 on every needle and yes, working in the round with so few stitches is a little bit like wrestling a porcupine. As soon as you have 3 or more stitches on each needle it will get a lot easier to handle.

Follow the Knitting Pattern

Row 2, knit.
Row 3: you are again going to increase in each stitch. Knit one, make one eight times, increasing to 16 stitches. You increase from 4 stitches to 8 stitches to 16 stitches and then you increase only 4 to 20 stitches.
Row 4 and all further even-numbered rows, knit.
Row 5 : knit 4, make one four times, increasing to 20 stitches.
Row 7 : knit 4 , make one 5 times, increasing to 25 stitches. From here on in we will be increasing 5 stitches every uneven numbered row in the following manner.
Row 9: knit 5 , make one five times (30 stitches).
Row 11 : knit 6, make one five times (35 stitches).
Row 13 : knit 7, make one five times increasing to 40 stitches.
Row 15 : knit 8, make one five times increasing to 45 stitches.

Knit Until the Hat Fits Properly

Continue increasing in this manner, increasing one knit stitch every other round until the crown is big enough. Once the crown of your hat is big enough you knit straight stockinette stitch, so without increases, for about 4 inches. Knit one inch only of ribbing if you want a simple hat. Knit 3 inches or more if you would like a folded brim. Once you have finished casting off take your end and your yarn needle. Follow the first stitch of the cast off. Tug a little bit, poke it back where it came out of and there you have a nice edge. Tuck in the ends and there you have your hat.

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