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Video:How to Knit a Garter Stitch Washcloth

with Anik St Louis

Learn how to knit a washcloth using the garter stitch method. This garter stitch washcloth is a simple knitting project perfect for beginners.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Knit a Garter Stitch Washcloth

Hi I'm Anik St Louis for and I'm a knitting and crochet teacher with Mouliné Yarns. Today we're going to learn how to make a washcloth.

Use a Larger Needle for a Looser Knit

You will need a pair of needles and some cotton yarn. I like to use a six and a half because it gives a little bit more of a looser stitch. Use a long tail cast-on and cast on 32-35 stitches. On 6.5 mm needles I cast on 30 stitches. This will give me about an 8 inch wide washcloth. I prefer needles that are a little bit larger than what is written on the band that comes with the yard because it gives a little bit of a looser stitch. It gives a nicer texture to the washcloth.

A Garter Stitch Gives Texture to a Knitted Washcloth

Once you have cast on your 30 stitches you are simply going to knit until you reach a height of 8-9 inches. I prefer the garter stitch for the washcloth as it gives a little bit more of an exfoliation texture to it. When the washcloth is nice and square you are ready to cast off. When you've finished casting off you take your yarn needle and you tuck in your ends by simply following the line of stitches. Once you have tucked it in four or five stitches, cut off the end and here's your final washcloth.

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