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Video:How to Knit a Basic Baby Blanket

with Chris Davis

Knitting a warm baby blanket is a simple, thoughtful gift for a newborn that any beginner or veteran knitter can complete. In this hobbies video from, learn how to knit a basic baby blanket.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Knit a Basic Baby Blanket

Hi I'm Chris Davis for Providing a warm snuggly blanket for a newborn is really quite easy. Let's take a look on how to knit a baby blanket.

Basic Skills and Tools that You Will Need to Knit a Baby Blanket

To get started you will need the following: Approximately 800 yards of Yarn, 4 Ply Kintting Worsted, and a size 9 circular knitting needle.

Before we move forward to the pattern that you will use to create the blanket lets go over the three techniques you will need.

First you will need to “cast on” this is the process of starting the first row on your knitting needle. Begin by holding one knitting needle in your right hand with the yarn stretched between both hands. Wrap the yarn around your left thumb. Next slide the needle behind the loop you just created and pull the stitch onto the needle. You will continue this step for as many stitches as you need.

Second you will begin your knitting. There are two types of stitches you will use, Knit and Purl. Quick tip, you will always work from the left needle to the right. Everytime you complete a row switch the needles so that what you are creating always starts on the left side.

A knit stitch is created by sliding your right hand needle in front of the first stitch and underneath your left hand needle. Wrap the yarn around your right hand needle. Pull the needle through and slide off the stitch from the left needle to the right.

A purl stitch is created by sliding your right hand needle behind the stitch and over the top of the left hand needle. Wrap the yarn around your right hand needle. Slide the right needle back then push it through the stitch and under the left hand needle. Then slide the yarn off to the right.

The final step is casting off. This is the process of removing your knitting from your needle without it unraveling. You will do one regular knit stitch. The second and remaining stitches are a little different. On the second stitch complete a knit stitch then take your left hand needle and slide it under the first stitch on the right needle. Pull it up over the second stitch and slide it off.

How to Knit a Basic Baby Blanket

You are now ready to begin the blanket. Cast on 96 stitches. Knit 10 rows. Row 11, knit 10 stitches then purl across. When you reach the last ten stitches perform a knit stitch. Row 12 knit across. Row 13 knit ten purl across knit ten. Continue alternating this pattern until you reach the length you desire. The last 10 rows will all be knit stitches to complete the boarder. Cast off the last row.

For a baby blanket 34 inches is about right, however, you can make the blanket as long as you like.

To learn more check us out on the web at Thanks for watching.

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