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Video:How to Knit Stripes

with Anik St. Louis

Knitting stripes is one of the easiest patterns to do for beginner knits. But no matter how easy, stripes always have a sleek knit look.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Knit Stripes

Hi I'm Anik St Louis for and I'm a knitting and crochet teacher with Mouliné Yarns and today I'm going to show you how to knit stripes.

Properly Knit Stripes by Knotting Different Colored Yarns Together

You knit however many rows of your first color that you need. When it comes time to change, you cut your first color, leaving at least six inches long. You take your new yarn, you place it under that tail of the old color and you tie a simple knot which you then push up - all the way to your needle. You tuck the ends out of the way, simply holding them, and you start knitting with the new color.

Learn to Knit Stripes With a Garter Stitch

This is how you do it in garter stitch. The process is absolutely the same when you are working in stockinette stitch. Next you are going to tuck in your ends. Thread your first end and being careful not to do it too tightly, you are simply going to wrap around the edge stitch. Weave it in - just by following the stitches that are already there and cut off the end. You repeat the process with every end, tucking it into its own color. So when you are doing stripes in garter stitch on one side you will see a perfect stripe and on the other side you will see where the color was changed.

Knit Stripes in the Round Without Cutting the Old Yarn

Now we are going to look at how to do stripes in the round. So the principle is the same except that I'm not going to cut my old yarn so I'm simply going to take my new yarn, do a simple knot, leaving at least a six inch tail and I'm going to push the knot right up to the needle, holding the tail of my new color as well as my old color I'm going to start knitting in the round using my new color. So when you get to the end of the row just make sure you bring your old color, which you will be using again. All you have to do is tuck the new color under the old color so that you are basically twisting the yarn up the inside and there you can see your stripe in the round.

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