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Video:How to Fix Holes in Knitting

with Chris Davis

If you miss a stitch knitting your end result could be an unwanted hole. Follow the steps in this how-to video from to get yourself back on track and repair the hole.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Fix Holes in Knitting

Hi I'm Chris Davis for Knit one, purl two, woops. If you have every accidentally missed a stitch while knitting, creating a hole or a gap…follow these steps to correct the problem.

How You Create Holes in Knitting

The process of creating a hole in knitting know as "yarn over" can create some very interesting and intricate lace, however, when you do it unintentionally it just creates a hole.

The mistake will occur in one of two ways. During a Knit stitch you fail to place the yarn in your right hand behind the needle or during a purl stitch you fail to place the yarn in your right hand in front of the needle. Both mistakes aren't uncommon and are easy to correct, however, you will want to keep a close eye on your knitting because if you don't realize the mistake early enough it could take a while to fix.

The sign that you are looking for as you knit is an extra stitch or loop that will ultimately create a hole. It will be a break in the pattern that you have created on your right knitting needle.

How to Fix a Hole in Knitting

To correct the problem in a knit stitch you will need to back off the stitch. This is done by reversing the knit stitches you have created. Begin by sliding your left needle into the front loop then slide that stitch off your right needle and gently pull back your yarn.  You will want to continue backing off the yarn until you reach the point at which the error occurred.  

At this point make sure you know what stitch you are continuing with so that you can place the yarn in your right hand in the proper position. Knit stitch place the yarn behind, Purl stitch place the yarn in front.  

Now you can continue with your knitting. It's important to check your rows every few rows to make sure that you haven't made an error. By continuing to check your work you won't have to undue to much if you do make a mistake.

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