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Video:English Purl Stitch

with Harlem Knitting Circle

The two most important stitches in knitting - the knit and the purl - are the first steps to starting your own masterpiece. Learn how to purl with this simple demonstration.See Transcript

Transcript:English Purl Stitch

Hi, I'm Njoya Angrum, founder and director of the Harlem Knitting Circle at The New York Public Library Harlem Branch, here for About.com. Today we're going to show you the English purling stitch.

What Is the Purl Stitch?

I am going to instruct or demonstrate the English style of purling – there are 2 stitches in knitting. One is knit and one is purl. Purl is actually the opposite of knitting. Most of the times we see purling, when we're doing a stockinette stitch or the pattern looks as similar to this. So, I've made a small swatch and I'm going to demonstrate purling.

The Purl Stitch

The right hand needle is empty – the left hand has the material, is the working side. I'll take my empty needle and enter it into the stitch from the front. My working yarn goes around the needle from the back to the front and then that new stitch gets pulled through that one stitch that was already on the left hand needle. I'll do that again. Entering in the needle from my right onto the working piece of my left. Taking my yarn, putting it around my needle, from the front to the back, and then taking that loop off, that way. Putting the needle in the front, taking the yarn around the back to the front and then taking it through.

Taking it in through the front, taking it around, and then pulling it through.

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