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Video:English Knit Stitch

with Harlem Knitting Circle

Beginner knitters need to start somewhere, and the knit stitch is a good technique to master right off the bat. Learn how today!See Transcript

Transcript:English Knit Stitch

Hi, I'm Njoya Angrum, founder and director of the Harlem Knitting Circle, at The New York Public Library, Harlem Branch, here for Today we're going to show you how to knit using the English knitting stitch.

Knitting Needle Positions

Hi I'm Lisa. I have two needles. One is empty, one has knitting already on it. The goal is to get the stitches from here over to here. And the way I'm going to do that is by knitting them over.

Begin the Knit Stitch

So I take my needle and I insert my empty needle, which is in my right hand, and I insert it "as if to knit" - which means two needles are going through this stitch pointing in the same direction. This needle is behind that one, further away from me. I hold my yarn in my right hand and I wrap my yarn around my middle finger and then I lift with this finger.

Adjust Your Knitting Position

There are several ways of doing that. For me, it's this much and this much, that allows me to control the tension. So I wrap the yarn around the back of the needle towards me, this direction, and I pull that stitch, that new stitch through the old one and I let the old one fall off to the back. I insert this needle through the stitch, with the tips pointing in the same direction, wrap that yarn around the needle, pull that new stitch through, letting the old stitch drop off, which means the loop drops off towards the back.

So, on that side of the fabric I have what looks like a nub and this side I have a growing fabric of Vs. That's the front side of stockinette, this is the back side of stockinette. So, again, the stitch is made by inserting the needle, wrap the yarn, pull the stitch through, let the loop drop off towards the back, and you work your way across the row, stitch by stitch and the stitches move from the left hand needle to the right hand needle.

The Knit Stitch

So, I'm knitting in the English style, I insert the needles in the stitch with the tips of the needles pointing in the same direction, I'm going to lift the yarn with this finger, wrap the yarn around the back of that needle, towards the front, pull this stitch through, drop off that old stitch towards the back. Insert my needle here wrap the yarn around, from the back towards the front, pull that stitch, pulling the needle towards me, letting that old stitch drop off towards the back.

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