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Video:How to Do a Continental Purl Stitch

with Claire Hoenke

This video offers a step-by-step breakdown of how to do the continental purl stitch. Here, learn how to do the continental purl stitch on your own.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Do a Continental Purl Stitch

Hi, I'm Claire Hoenke for and today I'm going to show you how to do a knit stitch using the Continental style.

What Is the Continental Purl Stitch?

Continental differs from the English style of knitting in that the yarn is held in the left hand instead of in the right. This eliminates additional hand movements, making it a more efficient style of knitting. The style requires that you keep the yarn in your left hand and use your left index finger to move the yarn onto the needle in order to create your new stitch. The knit stitch is one of two basic stitches that all knitting enthusiasts learn early on. It is the foundation of any knit project. Any other type of stitch is an adaptation of the knit stitch.

How to Do the Continental Purl Stitch

To make a knit stitch using the Continental style, hold the yarn behind the left needle. Insert the right needle into the left side of the first stitch. Use your left index finger to hook the yarn over your right needle. Use the right needle to bring the yarn through the old stitch and slide it off of the left needle to create the new stitch.

Tips for the Continental Purl Stitch

Be careful to enter the stitch from the left side; this will help you avoid inconsistencies in your final project like twisted stitches. Whether making a scarf and matching beanie or pot holders for the kitchen, mastering the Continental knit stitch is a necessity for all knitters. With a little patience and a lot of practice, your perfected knit stitch will allow you to create beautiful things for years to come.

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