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Video:Make TV Watching Interactive

with Kathy Moore

Television has a big presence in most family's lives, but it is no substitute for active parenting. See how to get your kids up and moving during their favorite shows, and learn ways to spark conversation and encourage development and retention.See Transcript

Transcript:Make TV Watching Interactive

Hi, I'm Kathy Moore for Television is a daily influence in most children's lives. With some forethought, it can also be a powerful tool in your child's development. This program offers some ideas on ways to make television watching more interactive.

Parenting During TV Time

TV watching does not have to be a passive experience. As a parent you can involve and engage your children while you watch TV with them. The TV in your home is not a babysitter and it is also not a substitute for your caring attention to the needs of your child. Television shows are only educational if used in conjunction with good parenting and teaching practices.

Encourage Movement While Watching

For example you can encourage your kids to get up and dance along with the characters when they dance or sing a song.

Ask Questions About the Television Show

You can also participate actively by repeating phrases and questions heard during the show. After the program is finished, ask your child questions about the show, such as “which character would you like to be?”, or “what happened at the beginning of the story?”

Point Out Bad Behavior in the Show

If a character on a show demonstrates violence, like hitting or kicking, use it as an opportunity to offer a non-violent solution by asking your child if they noticed any bad behavior. Then you can offer alternative resolutions by saying “That boy could have used his words to ask his sister to stop bothering him.”

Bring Television to Life

Later in the day you can reenact scenes from a show you watched together. My kids love to dress up as their favorite characters and role play.

TV can have a role in most family's lives, but it can never replace family or active playtime. Try to make TV watching an active experience. Be involved, engaged and available to your kids while you watch together. Thanks for watching. To learn more, visit us on the Web at
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