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Video:Set Up an Ice Cream Sundae Bar

with Rachel Edelman

If your little one is crazy for ice cream, then this fun feature will be the crowning jewel of the party. See how to make an ice cream sundae bar, with tips on an easy clean up.See Transcript

Transcript:Set Up an Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Hi, I'm Rachel Edelman for A sundae bar is a fun and delicious activity to have at your child's party. Plus, it promises that all the children will be involved, because what child doesn't like ice cream or candy?

Ice Cream Sundae Bar Supplies

To make the sundae bar, you can have any or all of the following items:
  • chocolates - like M&Ms
  • candy - like gummy bears and jelly beans
  • mimi marshmallows
  • chocolate and rainbow sprinkles
  • chocolate and caramel syrups
  • whipped cream
  • cartons of chocolate and vanilla ice cream
  • 1 pint of fruit sorbet
  • maraschino cherries
  • ice cream cones
  • plastic bowls
  • plastic spoons
  • napkins
  • 1 roll paper towels
  • 1 box of wetnaps
  • ice cream scoops

Estimate Ice Cream Amounts for Guests

Today I'm going to be setting up a party for 10. For your party, be sure to have about 3-4 scoops of ice cream per person. Its always a smart idea to pick up extras ingredients.

Ice Cream Bar Set Up

Try to set up the Sundae Bar in an area that s easy to clean. Lay out the paper towels, napkins, and wetnaps at one end of the table. Also, place a trash can nearby, so everyone remembers to clean up their mess when they are done. Open the bowls and spoons, and place the cones on a serving platter. Place these things at the other end of the table. You could set up these items in the morning, or the night before.

Place each type of candy in its own bowl. Get toppings that you and your family like, and I m sure they will be a hit with your guests. Place the bowls of each of the candy toppings and spoons on either side. Also put out the sprinkles and the syrups too. Make sure there's plenty of room for multiple people to decorate at once.

Serving the Sundaes

Right before you are ready to eat, bring out the ice cream and the sorbet. I like to provide sorbet as a non-dairy alternative. Line up the containers and have the lids removed. Have the scooper ready to go. Line up the whipped cream, and the cherries and you are all set. Setting up while the children are not in the area, prevents a dozen little hands in the ice cream before everything is ready.

Tips for Serving Kids

Now the sundae bar has really come together. First the cones and bowls, then the ice cream, the whipped cream, the variety of toppings, then the cleaning supplies and the trash. Perhaps get an adult or two to help with scooping the ice cream onto the cones or into the bowls, so the kids can get right over to the decorating. Take a bowl, put in some ice cream, then top with your favorite candy, syrups, whipped cream, and a cherry - remember that for a cone some sprinkles may be all it can hold.

And of course, don't forget to make a sundae for yourself.

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