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Video:Two Strand Twist

with Anu Prestonia

Learn how to style you're child's hair in a two strand twist. This fun style is not only adorable, but also very manageable.See Transcript

Transcript:Two Strand Twist

Hello, my name is Anu Prestonia of Khamit Kinks hair salon, here, in Brooklyn, New York. And, we're here for

Today we're going to show you how to do a Two Strand Twist. Anta Fall is our stylist and Nia is our model.

What You Need for the Two Strand Twist

Two Strand Twist is an easy style to put in and just as easy to take out when that time comes. The tools that are needed are a comb and butterfly clips.

Section the Hair and Twist

Part the hair in two large sections, separating the back from the front. Starting at the bottom of the hair line, make small triangular sections. Take this section and divide it into two equal parts. Take the two parts and cross them one across the other and continue this all the way down to the ends.

Repeat to Complete the Two Strand Twist

This is a process that is completed over and over again, until you have completed the entire head. And once you finish the entire head, you have a easy style that can be worn to the pool to the park and will last for weeks.

About the Two Strand Twist

So, this is Nia with the two strand twist. The two strand twist is a long lasting hairstyle. It can last anywhere from 4 weeks to three months and you can shampoo the hair while the style is still in.

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