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Video:Summer Shoes Tips for Kids

with Monica Willis

When the weather gets hot, you want to make sure your kids have the proper footwear that keeps them both cool and safe from tumbles and tripping. Learn what shoes are best for the summer, from the beach to the playground.See Transcript

Transcript:Summer Shoes Tips for Kids

Hi, my name is Monica Willis. I'm the owner of Corduroy Kid in Brooklyn, New York and I'm here with I'm going to show you some great summer footwear for your kids.

Good Summer Shoes for Kids

So, one of the first things obviously in summer is it's going to be a lot hotter and we want to keep our children's feet protected, but cool at the same time. And a lot of kids at day care centers and schools really need to keep their toes covered, but you still want to get them some air and breathability in their shoes.

Cool Summer Shoes With Support

This is a great summer shoe because it has a closed toe which will keep your kid's toes protected, as they're skidding around the playground, but it's open so it lets the air circulate and keeps the foot cool. It also has a strap to support your child's ankle. Now, supports a really big one in summer because obviously everyone's wearing flip flops, crocs, cool loose shoes. So, again, when you're going to go for flip flop sandal style, either in boys or girls, try and keep it with a strap at the back. This will keep the shoe on the child's foot, so, they won't slip.

Another great thing to think about in summer, again, for girls and boys, this is another great style. Again, it's a closed toe shoe, but it has air, and opening, and a lot of strap support, so that you can keep the shoe on their foot.

Sneakers as Summer Shoes

Another great boy shoe option, which you might not immediately look at and think it's a summer shoe, but boys do love to wear sneakers, even in the summer. These are easy to slip on and off, but they'll still give them the support, because they're so physically active. But in summer you'll find a lot of companies will make them so you can pull out the inner sole and wash them. Cause kids don't want to wear socks in the summer it's just too much. But, um, they're still made of one hundred percent cotton, so they don't get too stinky, you can wash them. They're great and they're made of light weight canvas. They're a really good option.

Summer Shoes for Sprinklers

Also, of course, you're going to be in the sprinklers, so you can, this is a very popular summer shoe, it has closed toe, it's all open but it's completely waterproof, so, the kids can run in the sprinkler, it can go from sprinkler to playground, back to sprinkler again.

Summer Sandals

Girls footwear, obviously there's going to be a lot of choices. And again, you know, just keep it open, with some nice cool summer sandals, you know, great colors to go with all the outfits, but again, keep an eye on the strapping situation, so that you can make sure they're getting the support around the ankle and it keeps the shoe on.

Water Shoes for Kids

Of course it's summer time, and we're all going to be at the beach. One of the most popular beach footwear is going to be flip flops. Again, you're going to get them so they're waterproof, they're going to be a firm flip flop, just again make sure that they have the back strap for the kids. I think it's a lot more stable. Crocs are going to be really popular as well. They're really great for the beach, but just be careful of them in the schools and in the playgrounds and check with your daycare center. A lot of schools don't let crocs in because they're not the most stable of shoe.

So, as you see there are a lot of styles out there for summer, and I think it's just important to remember to keep the health and safety of the child in mind when you're choosing their footwear.

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