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Video:Maintain and Groom Locs

with Anu Prestonia

Learn how to properly maintain and groom locs, so your child's hair stays healthy and strong.See Transcript

Transcript:Maintain and Groom Locs

Hello, my name is Anu Prestonia of Khamit Kinks hair salon, here, in Brooklyn, New York. And, we’re here for Today we’re going to show you how to properly maintain and groom your child’s locs. We will be performing our loc maintenance on Lauren and she’ll have her hair done by stylist Anta Fall.

Perform an Assessment of the Hair

Each child’s hair should first be assessed to determine the health of the hair, the texture, and the needs of the hair. This will help determine which shampoo and conditioner to use. Then the hair should have a shampoo and conditioning process. If the hair is really dry, like in the instance of this child whose hair has been colored, then a deep conditioning treatment is recommended.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

This can be done simply by leaving the conditioner in the hair, covering the hair with a shower cap, anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. Then rinse the conditioner out of the hair and apply the oil for a hot oil treatment. The hot oil treatment is done very much the same way as the deep conditioning process. Apply the oil to the hair and scalp, put a shower cap over the hair, and let is sit for 30 minutes. The heat from the scalp will allow the hair and the scalp to more readily accept the emollients from the oil.

Begin Grooming

Now, begin the grooming process. There are many holding products on the market. And many can be used to hold locs in place. Such as gels, molding muds, twists and locs. When using any product be sure to check the ingredient. Holding products tend to have a high alcohol content which can be very drying. Look for products with little to no alcohol content. The tools you will need are hair clips and a holding solution.

The Palm Rolling Method

Since her hair is already locked we will be using the palm rolling method. Place a small amount of the loc holding solution on the new growth of one of the loics and roll the new growth in one direction. The rest of the hair should be clipped out of the way.

Set and Dry the Hair

After rolling the new growth, pin the loc down, with a hair pin, so that the newly rolled hair won’t unravel. Begin this process, methodically, starting at the base of the hairline, and working your way up. Keep pinning down each section in the direction that you want the locs to lay. Once the whole head has been palm rolled, then place the child under a hooded dryer for 30 to 40 minutes. You may need to have the television on to keep them engaged or read to them. Once the hair has dried, remove the poins, and you’re done.

So, now we’re here at the end result of Lauren having her hair groomed and the palm roll method. As you can see it gives definition to the scalp. Her hair’s been well moisturized and she’s ready to go. Thanks for watching to learn more visit us on the web at
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