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Video:How to French Braid Hair

with Ana Crane Simpson

A French braid is a more elegant style than a traditional braid. See how to form a simple French braid for adults and children.See Transcript

Transcript:How to French Braid Hair

My name is Ana Crane Simpson with Applied Cosmetic Services for, and today I’m going to show you how to do a French braid.

What Is a French Braid?

The difference between a French braid and a regular braid, is the French braid can start anywhere between the top to the center of the head, whereas a regular braid starts from the bottom of the hairline and runs all the way down.

What You Need

To do a French braid, all you will need is a comb and a hair band. You can choose any color, my models hair is darker so I chose a black hair band.

Begin at the Top of the Head

To start a French braid, you want to begin at the base of the hairline on the top of the head. What you're going to do is separate almost a triangle shape on the top of the head. Use your comb to make sure it is nice and smooth. This is the beginning of the braid.

Divide Hair Into Three Sections

You're going to take the hair, and separate it into thirds. Once you have all three sections divided in between the hands, you're going to twist right over center, then left over center. You're going to let go of the right section and with your hand you will gather hair from the front of her head. Now you should have a large section of hair to work with.

Twist Hair Over Center

You are going to twist it over center. Now you are going to take this left section of hair, put it down. You going to gather more hair from the front, make sure it is nice and smooth, then twist left over center. You are going to let go of the right section, gather a nice straight section of hair, twist it over the center piece, you can see the braid is starting to form.

Continue Twisting Until Base of Neckline

You are going to let go of the left side, pick up some hair from the front, twist left over center. Let go of the right side, gather more hair. When you are at the base of the neckline, you are almost done. You are going to just go ahead and finish out the braid, you don't need to gather anymore hair. You are going to twist left over center and right over center until you reach the bottom of the braid. Then gather the hair, take the rubber band and run it over top, twist, pull through and twist again. And the French braid is complete.

This particular hairstyle can be done on a child or adult. It's important to remember to comb out any knots since they do have a more sensitive scalp. Thanks for watching, to learn more please visit us at
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