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Video:How to Braid Hair

with Ana Crane Simpson

See the basic technique on how to braid hair for children and adults.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Braid Hair

My name is Ana Crane Simpson with Applied Cosmetic Services for, and today I’m going to show you how to do a braid.

What You Need

To do a braid all you will need is a comb and a rubber band. I chose a darker color since my model has darker hair.

Remove Knots in Hair

To begin, I’m combing through her hair to make sure there are no knots, because braiding will require both hands at the same time. Once it’s nice and straight and there are no knots, you are ready to begin.

Divide Hair Into Three Sections

I’m going to pull all the hair back, gathering it at the height where I want to start the braid. I will comb through, gathering all the hair in my hand. You are going to take your thumb, and pull aside one third of hair. Then you hold with your index and thumb, pulling the other two thirds, and the last section is in your left hand.

Weave Hair

Now that I have all three sections, I’m going to take the right and pass it over the middle section of hair. I’m going to take the left and pass it over the middle. Right over center, then left over center until you reach the point where it’s almost the end of the hair.

Secure With a Rubber Band

Bundle all three sections, take the rubber band, loop it around all three sections, twist the rubber band, pull tight, pull through and twist. And there is your braid.

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