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Video:Make Frosting-Filled Cupcakes

with Elizabeth LaBau

Frosting-filled cupcakes are just like your favorite store-bought snack cakes, only better! Learn how easy it is to make chocolate cupcakes filled with vanilla frosting.See Transcript

Transcript:Make Frosting-Filled Cupcakes

Frosting-Filled Cupcakes Ingredients

To make these cupcakes, you will need:
  • 1 dozen chocolate cupcakes, either homemade or from a mix
  • 1 tub of vanilla frosting
  • 1 tub of chocolate frosting, not the "whipped" variety
  • A piping bag fitted with a coupler and a small round tip, if you have them. If not, you can use a plastic bag with a hole cut into the corner.

Fill the Piping Bag with Vanilla Frosting

If you're using a piping bag, the first step is to fit it with a coupler and fill it with the vanilla frosting.

Hollow the Cupcakes

The next step is to hollow out the center of the chocolate cupcakes. There are two ways to do this. One option is to take a small serrated knife and cut a hole in the top of the cupcake at an angle, removing a cone-shaped piece, and cut the excess from the top of the cone.

You now have a nice hollow chocolate cupcake.

Fill the Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting

Using a piping bag or a spoon, fill the inside of the cupcake with vanilla frosting. Put the lid back on top and firmly press down. If you use this method, I recommend freezing them for about 10 minutes so they firm up and the tops won't fall off when you dip them in glaze.

The alternate method is faster, but a bit sloppier. Use a tool to poke a hole in the center of the cupcake--I use a knife sharpener, but you could even use a clean pencil. Poke all around, creating a hole for the frosting to fill. Insert the tip of a piping bag, and squeeze to fill the hole. Gradually pull it up and wipe any extra from the top. Don't worry, the glaze will cover the white frosting.

Glaze the Cupcake Tops

Now it's time to glaze the tops. Transfer the chocolate frosting to a measuring cup, mug, or any tall, narrow container.

Microwave it in 5-second intervals until it is melted and very smooth, stirring after every 5 seconds so it won't overheat. It will probably take 15-25 seconds to get it to the right consistency. When it's ready, it will be very smooth and fluid, and have the consistency of liquid glue.

Take a cupcake and dip the top in the melted frosting, turning it to ensure it's evenly coated. Lift it from the frosting and hold it upside down, swirling it slightly to let the excess drip back into the cup. Once it's stopped dripping, you can turn it right side up and set it aside, and repeat with the remaining cupcakes.

Add White Curlicues

After all the cupcakes are glazed, the final step is to add the signature white curlicues. If you're using a pastry bag, fit it with a small round tip. Pipe a series of small loops that touch each other across the top of your cupcake.

If you don't have a pastry bag, this can easily be done with a plastic bag with a small hole cut in the corner. Just be sure you don't squeeze too hard and burst the seams of the bag.

These cupcakes look awesome, they taste great, and the frosting center is a fun, unexpected surprise. You could even change things up by using cream cheese frosting, marshmallow cream, or any other frosting flavor on the inside. Any way you make them, they're amazing.
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