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Video:Sample Interview Questions for Tech Jobs

with Christopher Berrien

Interview questions for technical positions are not the same as your standard interview. In this video, be prepared, and learn what questions to anticipate for tech jobs.See Transcript

Transcript:Sample Interview Questions for Tech Jobs

Hi, this is Christopher Berrien for, and today were going to discuss some sample interview questions for tech jobs.

Interviews for tech positions are increasingly complicated and specific. Here are some fairly common questions, and types of questions you might encounter.

Interview Questions Concerning Educational Background

An interviewer might start off by establishing your competence or preferred working methods. They might ask,what languages are you proficient in, or,what is your preferred development environment? This might verify that you fit into the style of that workplace.

Work History

Similarly, you may get questions that explore your history, such as describe your most recent big project and your contribution to it. They might also ask how you think you might have improved on your execution of it. Other questions might delve into how you would fit into the workplace environment. Some employers might ask,How do you see yourself functioning within a team? How would you go about developing solution documents within the company? Some employers are concerned about how tech workers might interface with customers. You might find questions like,How important is it to employ suggestions from business customers? Should in-house ideas or external suggestions be given precedence?

Security Interview Questions

Security questions may come up frequently. You may be asked,What is the first step in taking down a denial of service attack? orWhy would a honey pot be useful?With the prevalence of networked and cloud computing, you may expect some general questions on this subject.

Your prospect employer may ask about clusters, database normalization and performance metrics, and server optimization.Some interview questions may come in the form of brainteasers and curve balls. Google and Microsoft are famous for this. These questions come up to test a candidates flexibility in thought processes. Some questions that were said to have been asked include,How much does a 747 aircraft weigh? andDescribe a chicken using a programming language.

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