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Video:Write a Resume for Teens

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A teenager's first resume can be a daunting task. Get an inside scoop on proper formatting and the right stuff to include to get that first job without breaking a sweat.See Transcript

Transcript:Write a Resume for Teens

Today we'll be going over how to build your resume, from basic formatting to what information about yourself to include.  

The Basic RUles

There are many free resume templates online that will give you an idea of what a professional resume should look like. Your resume should be no longer than one page, and should be simple and easy to read.  

Here are some tips to help you build a strong resume: Begin by putting your name and contact information across the top.   Next, list your work history, Include where you worked, your dates of employment, your position, and a short list of your job functions.

Extracurriculars are Perfectly Acceptable

As a teenager, and most likely still in school, your work experience may be minimal or even non-existent.  It is perfectly acceptable, and encouraged, for teenagers to include volunteer and extracurricular activities on your professional resume.

After school activities, such as math club, science bowl, sports, or speech and debate, show that you can handle your school work and still have time for additional commitments.  Each of these activities provides you with an advantageous skill set.  It comes down to knowing what aspects of the activities to highlight.   

For example, if you play sports, you can focus on teamwork and dedication to improvement.  For science or math, highlight your ability to learn new information quickly and to think through and solve problems.  If you are a member of speech and debate, include your public speaking ability and your good communications skills.  

Leadership Roles & Additional Skills are Excellent

Be sure to include any leadership roles you have held. Finally, list any additional professional skills you may have.  These skills may include an advanced knowledge of a specific software package, computer programming, or knowledge gained from a course you took in school. 

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