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Video:What Is a CV or Curriculum Vitae?

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A CV is slightly different from your typical resume. This video will explain precisely what a curriculum vitae is.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is a CV or Curriculum Vitae?

In this video you will learn about CVs.

Meaning of Curriculum Vitae

CV stands for curriculum vitae, the Latin phrase which means, "course of life." A curriculum vitae is similar to a resume in that both present a candidate's academic qualifications and work experiences. 

Difference Between a CV and a Resume

However, a CV is far more detailed than a resume in that a CV seeks to convey a person's entire professional and educational career. While an individual's resume can be adapted for certain job applications, a CV will normally remain the same, regardless of the position for which he or she is applying.   

Use of a CV

In the United States and Canada, CVs are used primarily to apply for academic and scientific positions; they are also typically required when applying for research positions and grants. Resumes are normally preferred for all other fields. In Europe, however, CVs are the preferred document. 

Information in a CV

A CV may include personal information such as one's citizenship and marital status. It will also display a detailed work history as well as academic accomplishments such as article and book publications, awards, and grants. Therefore, while most resumes are only one or two pages in length, a CV is expected to consist of multiple pages.

It must be noted that expectations and requirements for CVs vary among disciplines. It's very important that you understand how a CV is normally formatted in your particular field.  

With that said, most CVs will include the following information: A candidate's name and complete up-to-date contact information; personal information such as birthdate, citizenship, and visa status; educational history including diplomas, degrees, and certifications, as well as post-doctoral training; professional work history and qualifications, presented in chronological order; and professional memberships and accomplishments such as publications and awards.

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