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Video:Tips for Informal Job Search Networking

with Tim Tyrell-Smith

Informal job search networking can be a useful tool for landing a new job. Watch this video from to see how to do it successfully.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Informal Job Search Networking

Hi I'm Tim Tyrell-Smith, Marketing Coach and Career Strategist with Today I'm here on behalf of to talk to you about tips for informal job search networking.

About Informal Job Search Networking

If you are looking for work today, there are many places you can go to network for a job. You get out and you deliver your elevator pitch, hand out business cards in a very structured environment. But there's also great value in networking more informally. You do this by meeting people in your neighborhood, in the line at Starbucks, or in the waiting room, when you're waiting for your car to be done at the car dealership. Your next job lead can come from anywhere, right?

Tips for Informal Job Search Networking

So be ready to talk about who you are and what you are looking for at any time with these tips:

1. Smile and make eye contact. It's really easy to get into a conversation if you do these two things.

2. Simply start by saying "hi." When you say "hi" it makes people engage with you and you can begin a great conversation.

3. Ask questions. We all love to tell people about who we are and what makes us special. So questions allow you to take the focus off of you and on to them.

4. Don't lead with "I'm out of work." That only takes people to feeling sympathy for you, which is not a productive thing.

5. Be positive about your future. We want to help you propel forward and if you're already positive, we feel like we can do that.

6. Share small wins. I like to see that you're having some success. It makes me feel like a little bit of help from me might make it even better.

7. Offer specifics about your ideal next job. If I am able to learn just a few specifics about what you're looking for, I am much more able to help you.

Follow these tips and you will be more interesting, easier to help and more memorable when job leads are passed around.

Thanks for watching. To learn more about informal job search networking, visit us online at

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