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Video:Reject a Job Offer

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Even when rejecting job offers, there's still a protocol to be followed. This video will show you the proper way to reject a job offer.See Transcript

Transcript:Reject a Job Offer

In this video you will learn how to reject a job offer.

Be Grateful When Rejecting a Job Offer

Once you've decided to reject a job offer, begin drafting a brief letter for the employer. Declining an offer in writing is courteous and professional; it helps to demonstrate that you take the offer seriously and are grateful for the consideration you've received as a potential employee.  

Writing a Job Rejection Letter

Format your letter in a professional, simple manner. Write your name, address, and contact information at the top of the page. Next, write the name, position title, and company address of the person who offered you the job. This is the person to whom you will address the letter. Follow this information with the date.

Next, formally address the letter. To begin the letter, briefly demonstrate your gratitude, thanking the individual personally for the opportunity. Consider using a simple sentence such as, "Thank you for the offer to work at Milwaukee Associates." 

Be Polite in Your Letter

After conveying your thanks, politely decline the offer. Do not give specific reasons for your rejection; simply assert your decision in a professional and gracious manner. 

You may want to write a sentence such as the following: "Unfortunately, I will not be accepting the offer of employment." If you've accepted a different job, you may wish to clarify that in your letter. 

Convey your thanks once more before professionally closing out the letter. 

Type your name and add your signature at the bottom of the letter when you are finished. Then, proofread your letter, being sure to correct any grammatical errors you find. Your job rejection letter should be gracious, professional, and straightforward.

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