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Video:Quick Tip: Discussing Salary in a Job Interview

with Michelle Tillis Lederman

Discussing salary in a job interview is tricky. Giving a salary range to a potential employer may work but there are certain ways to approach the topic. Watch this video from About.com for quick tips on discussing salary during a job interview.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: Discussing Salary in a Job Interview

Hi, I’m Michelle Tillis Lederman, author of "The 11 Laws of Likability," and I’ve got some quick tips on discussing salary.

How Much Does Salary Factor Into the Job

The salary question can be a challenging one during the interview. First, you need to determine for yourself how important salary is as an aspect of the job. Is it a deal breaker?

If it is, you really want to be upfront about your expectations, when they bring it up. You don’t need to bring it up to early and usually this will come up in the second interview.

Discuss a General Salary Range for the Job Position

Sometimes it’s a little tricky to give a range because when you are giving a range you are thinking at the top and they are, instinctively, going towards the bottom. Without locking yourself into a specific number, you can give a general range: It may be low six figures. You might say, “upper sixties.”

Share that you’re open, there are a lot of aspects drawing you to this company and that salary is only one of them.

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