Quick Tip: Answering "Why Were You Fired" in a Job Interview Video
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Video:Quick Tip: Answering "Why Were You Fired" in a Job Interview

with Michelle Tillis Lederman

On a job interview, answering "why were you fired? is tough. Learn how to answer the hard interview questions about gaps in your resume with these tips from About.com video and impress potential employers.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: Answering "Why Were You Fired" in a Job Interview

Hi, I’m Michelle Tillis Lederman, the author of "The 11 Laws of Likability" and today I’ve got a few quick tips for handling some of the more touchy questions in the job interview.

Don't Use the Word "Fired" on a Job Interview

When an employer looks at the resume they are going to ask about and look for those resume gaps. They don’t know if you were fired, if you left optionally, or if there was a lay off. So when asked that question, I would avoid using the word, “fired.”

When you are trying to explain those resume gaps or the reasons you left your employer - again, don’t use the word, "fired" – but you do want to explain the story.

Explain the Time Gaps in Your Job Resume

Is the story the fact that you thought you were entering a job that was not what you ended up doing? You didn’t feel challenged? Or perhaps it was more challenging and they did not provide you the proper training?

There’s always a reason why that job wasn’t a good fit for you. Explain it from your perspective and say that it was a mutually beneficial decision for both of you that you chose to move on.

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